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We Help Manufacturers, Inventors, and Brands Tame the Amazon Marketplace.

  • Pricing and Intellectual Property Control
  • Launch Your Product or Accelerate Sales
  • Attract or Repel Amazon Sellers
  • Amazon Ad Management

What People Like You Are Saying-

"Working with you has been enormously helpful and insightful in assisting us through fast tracking the process of becoming an Amazon seller.
I don’t think I could have done it without you!"

(Pet Accessory Company)

Out of control sellers and listings have a big impact on your business

Brand Erosion

Are your products being cheapened by the price or content on Amazon?

Loss of Sales

Are you losing brick and mortar sales due to out of control Amazon prices?

Legal Issues

Are unauthorized sellers making claims that could get you in trouble legally or infringing your copyright?

We know what is like to put everything you have to into building a company. 
We think it is wrong that a few rogue sellers can cause so much damage to a young brand.

Let us guide you through the Amazon chaos.

The Partner You Have Been Missing

  • We started our own business with only $100 and grew it to 7 figures.
  • We are the leading expert in our field.
  • We are speakers at conferences and trade shows all over the country on this subject.
  • We are one of the few agencies that work with emerging companies, not just the Fortune 500.
  • We are the only firm with a network of certified Amazon sellers we can refer you too.
Amazon Consultant and Expert Robyn Johnson
Robyn Johnson- Amazon Expert

“We have grown from 10 sales or so daily and $10k monthly sales
to over $42k and 200 sales the past 3 days! I really appreciate the help growing our business.

(Health and Wellness Company)


Amazon Is Not Known For Second Chances

You have one shot to get this right.  Amazon doesn’t take ignorance as an excuse.

Once you are banned on Amazon it is expensive and time consuming to even attempt to get reinstated.

We know Amazon’s policies inside and out so you focus on what really matters in your business.

We make getting control of your presence on Amazon easy

Packages starting at under $1,000 up to enterprise level solutions.

Get Your Audit

We will go through a thorough inspection of your listings and your competition. You control how much data you want us to have.

We use the audit to get a clear picture to make the recommendations that will have the biggest impact on your business.

Work The Plan

After your audit will give you a list of recommendations. Depending on your situtation we can provide a done for you solution or set you up with a detailed course for brand owners with personalized coaching.

In the coaching, we will go through what is needed for your unique business.

Love Us and Leave Us

We only want our clients to stay as long as they need. Our goal is not to make you dependant on us forever. We will partner with you for as long or as short as you need.

We know that a lot of "experts" are full of empty promises. That is why our "done for you" contracts are all based around performance based pay. After we get your product under control we can transition the maintenance to your team.

Get our help risk free

We know our work can make a difference for you.

After having completed our audit, many companies know we can provide value. 

If you aren’t happy, get your money back. 

Now you can focus on what you do best, not your Amazon headaches!

We offer "done for you" and "done with you" services. So we can get you the results you need at any budget.

Some of our clients have had increases in revenue of over 83%

How much is doing nothing costing you?

We know you have to be careful with your money. If you don't think you got a good return on your purchase with us, we will refund your money.

Packages starting at under $1,000 up to enterprise level solutions.


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